Examples of rough gemstones are shown below. Click on any picture to enlarge.


Aquamarine (Click to enlarge)

Aquamarine - faceting grade material, various shades - blue, green, pale blue and green


Feldspar (Click to enlarge)

Feldspar - solid material, takes excellent polish, various colours, orange to dark red

Unakite (Click to enlarge)

Unakite - pink feldspar, green epidote and quartz

Sodalite (Click to enlarge)

Sodalite - solid massive material, dark blue with white Ankerite


Pyrope (Click to enlarge)

Pyrope - alluvial diamond fields, faceting grade material, brownish orange to red and red to red brown

Hydrogrossular - known as "Transvaal Jade", massive, translucent to subtranslucent to opaque, green due to chromium and pink due to manganese or mixed colours, even texture, polishes well

Hydrogrossular (Click to enlarge)

Hydrogrossular - various green, dark and light

Hydrogrossular (Click to enlarge)

Hydrogrossular - light pink

Hydrogrossular (Click to enlarge)

Hydrogrossular - pink and light green mixed



Amethyst (Click to enlarge)

Amethyst - faceting grade material, purple to light violet

Amethyst (Click to enlarge)

Amethyst - purple to light violet with colourless material

Rose Quartz (Click to enlarge)

Rose Quartz - deep pink, always included and cracked, from chip size to large blocks, cuts and polishes well


Agate (Click to enlarge)

Agate - distinctly banded Chalcedony, layers differing in colour, from several locations in South Africa

Blue Lace Agate (Click to enlarge)

Blue Lace Agate - translucent Chalcedony with white and blue bands, various shades from light blue to deep blue

Moss Agate (Click to enlarge)

Moss Agate - clear to milky translucent Chalcedony with moss appearances in red (iron) black (manganese) and green (chlorite)

Rainbow Chalcedony (Click to enlarge)

Rainbow Chalcedony - brilliant mixed colours - white, yellow, red, brown, blue, grey and black, contains soft inclusions and fine cavities

Carnelian (Click to enlarge)

Carnelian - a yellow, orange, red or brown chalcedony, normally tumbled to expose the colour and recut thereafter


Red Jasper (Click to enlarge)

Red Jasper - with white and black Quartz inclusions

Kalahari Picture Stone (Click to enlarge)

Kalahari Picture Stone - yellow Quartz layers separated by iron stained bans, porous material

Mugglestone (Click to enlarge)

Mugglestone - banded red, brown, white and cream material with brown to black Hematite layers

Porcelain Jasper (Click to enlarge)

Porcelain Jasper - yellow, red, brown, green or blue in colour, very hard, takes beautiful polish

Tigerseye (Click to enlarge)

Tigerseye - yellow brown, medium thickness slabs

Budd Stone (Click to enlarge)

Budd Stone - distinctive contoured green and white layers, swizling appearance

Green Quartz (Click to enlarge)

Green Quartz - nice solid material colour due to Fuchsite

Pudding Stone (Click to enlarge)

Pudding Stone - red, yellow, white, green, brown and black Jasper and other rounded pebbles in solid or translucent chert


Ironstone (Click to enlarge)

Ironstone - yellow to yellow brown and ironoxide banded, tends to undercut but takes good polish


Malachite (Click to enlarge)

Malachite - beautiful banded material, takes good polish


Serpentine (Click to enlarge)

Serpentine - massive green serpentine, striped light green to dark green to brown, takes a matt polish

Bowenite (Click to enlarge)

Bowenite - Namaqualand Jade - mottled pale green and dark green - takes a fair polish


Sugilite (Click to enlarge)

Sugilite - purple to reddish purple


African Turquoise (Click to enlarge)

African Turquoise - massive material - ideal for cutting and carving


Verdite (Click to enlarge)

Verdite - massive fine grained, vibrant dark green to emerald green, a soft rock, takes a matt polish